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Conditions That Can Benefit From The Use Of Aloe Vera in the healing process

This is one of my favourite pages. Why? Because I have used my own Aloe Vera gel for several of the conditions listed below over the years, and received a high degree of healing in every instance. You have nothing to lose in trying Aloe gel for yourself, especially if you use it alongside your prescribed medical program. Accelerated healing is only one of the benefits I can think of. Being able to reduce or suspend your medication (with your doctors permission) is the biggest benefit of all.

Improving your health is easier than you think! Just do more than you're doing now! Aloe Vera gel can help. Create an external or internal environment that helps your body heal faster, perform better and slow deterioration.

Note: Only articles with a are actually finished. But you can still order your vacuum packs from these pages.

External Conditions

Athletes Foot - athletes foot
Warts - warts
Burns - burns
Scalds - scalds
Sunburn - sunburn
Radiation Burns - radiation burns
Insect Bites - insect bites
Wasp Stings - wasp stings
Psoriasis - psoriasis
Wrinkles - wrinkles
Flaking Skin - flaking skin
Scars - Surgical - scars
Self Harming Scars - self harm
Acne - acne
Boils - boils
Dandruff - Baldness - dandruff / baldness
Stretch Marks - stretch marks
Cellulite - cellulitis
Abrasions - abrasions
Chafed - Cracked Skin - chafed or cracked skin
Rashes - rashes
Bruises - bruises
Dermatitis - dermatitis
Eczema - eczema
Haemorrhoids - haemorrhoids
Herpes - herpes
Swollen Legs - swollen legs

By visiting the links above you can discover how the humble Aloe Vera leaf may be able to help you. I have also included study data and research papers that show the benefits of using aloe in gel form.

You can order your vacuum packed leaves directly from these pages. The leaves are cut, drained, sealed and posted out to you, usually the same day, or certainly the day after. See the simple step by step guide of how to extract your gel, as well as links to videos that show you the exact process I use to remove the gel from the leaf.
Internal Conditions

Periodontal Disease - periodontal disease
Gingivitis - gingivitis
Dental Plaque - dental plaque
Constipation - constipation
Denture Sores and Painful Mouth - painful mouth
Stomach Ache - stomach ache
Indigestion - indigestion
Heartburn - Acid Reflux - GERD - heartburn
Irritable Bowel Syndrome - irritable bowel syndrome
H.pylori Bacteria - Ulcers - ulcers
Arthritis - arthritis
Rheumatism - rheumatism
Cholesterol (lowering) - cholesterol lowering
Blood Sugar Levels (lowering) - blood sugar control
Detox - detox
Halitosis - Bad Breath - halitosis
Mouth Ulcers - mouth ulcers
Ulcerative Colitis - ulcerative colitis

This picture shows the thickness of our leaves and the large quantities of gel that you will receive in our packs.

Aloe Vera Slice and Vacuum Pack

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